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iFiv5 - on-trend activewear

Vermilion Vitality

100% of our training basics are being revitalized and reinterpreted in blends that are each more eco-friendly than the last.


Recycled nylon packable puffer jacket

The red quilted jacket and the sherpa fleece for men at SImons
The red sport microfibre t-shirt for men at Simons

Recycled bottle basic tee



You're due for a trip to the tropics! Warm sandy hues and jungle-like prints are the single best way to keep you looking hot, no matter where you are on the map.

The neon t-shirt and the volcano print bathing suit

Techno Neon

Balance your outfits with dark fluorescents and thick fabrics. Nylon + polar fleece + microfibre = proof that the urban utility trend is gaining ground.

The neon waves microfibre t-shirt for men at Simons

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Go Fast, Go Green!

Season after season, i.FiV5 follows the trends while offering you activewear and outerwear made of eco-friendly fabrics.

Tropical Thunder

Get your trunks on! It's almost time to jet set down south and make some noise with the exotic patterns you've packed into your suitcase.

The toucans and palm trees beach duo for men

Simple & Effective

This brand is a straight shooter with one simple goal: To help you feel your best while playing your favourite sports.

On-Trend Activewear

Performance, adventure, adrenaline—welcome to the high-octane world of i.FiV5 for men. Discover our activewear section where we welcome today's top labels as well as our highly competitive private capsule collections.

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