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Striped Linen

Make a great escape wearing a breezy jumpsuit cut in the fabric that the fashion world collectively loves.


Pure linen buttoned jumpsuit

Pure linen buttoned jumpsuit for women by Contemporaine at Simons

The Baja Sweater

This piece made of recycled cotton,
inspired by Californian beaches and coastal Mexican villas, is exactly what your inner boho's been looking for.


Striped recycled cotton Baja sweater

Striped recycled cotton Baja sweater at Simons


A universe dedicated to pure, simple designs and populated by white and light colours.


Organic cotton mini-braid sweater

Icône organic cotton mini-braid sweater

Shades of Blue

The colour of the year is presenting itself in a range of elegant, soothing, and revitalizing nuances to freshen up this season's palette.

Horse & stripe flowy dress by Contemporaine at Simons
Striped tunic shirt for women by Contemporaine at Simons

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Minimalist Sneakers

Their pure, immaculate construction makes them a chic candidate to wear to the office.

The minimalist sneaker for women by Vagabond Shoemakers at Simons

Our Exclusive Zones

The Return of Tweed

Its sophisticated chic is balanced out by the casual flair of a jean and T-shirt.

Fringed trim tweed jacketfor women by Icône

Fitness Focus

New year, new challenges! Our i.FiV5 essentials promise to help you tackle every hurdle and keep you looking stylish while you do it!

The floral legging and the grenadine red sport t-shirt for women

Our stylish hits never quit! We're touching up our must-haves for the new year. See them once, love them forever!

Marbled-button cropped cardigan at Simons
Basic boxy organic cotton sweatshirt at Simons

Top-Drawer Jewellery Under $100

Pick out the prettiest collection pieces
for the most sublime looks!

Collection Jewellery for Women at Simons

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