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The after-Christmas fun is just getting started!
Make fashionable finds at irresistible prices.

Hundreds of stylish pieces
and top decor picks
at exceptional prices!

Save up to 50%

Linen House

Chenille embroidery duvet cover set

Starting at
Save 25%
Chenille Embroidery Duvet Cover Set by Linen House ON SALE at Simons Maison

Party Circuit

Hit up your holiday hops and go rockin' round the tree wearing opulent velvet, pleated pieces, and rich, metallic sheens. Have a ball wearing our best festive outfits!

Le 31

Lush flora velvet jacket

Save 40%

Lamé-like jumpsuit

Save 40%
The shiny and velvety party outfits at Simons

Modern Essentials

The classics are getting a do-over, resulting in a wardrobe that's as modern as it is timeless.


Giant pattern mercerized cotton dress


Ottoman-insert sweater

Giant pattern mercerized cotton dress by Contemporaine at Simons
Ottoman-insert sweater for women by Contemporaine at Simons

Cozy At Home

As the wind howls and the temperature drops outside, sit leisurely back in a calm, comfortable, and collected refuge.

Large chunky-knit throw by Gibou at Fabrique 1840 and Simons Maison

Our Best Sellers Are Now On

From green circles to black diamonds, skiers are sporting panoramic prints and kicking back after a hard day's ski with warm knits and sherpa.

Altitude half-zip sweater by Le 31 for Men at Simons
Recycled polyester puffer stand-collar jacket by Le 31 for Men at Simons


Retro style is taking the slopes by storm

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Make a difference with our new eco-friendly arrivals.

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